[A Area] Masterpieces of Chinese Literature: Classic and Modern (NTNU)

Course Objective

This course comprises the readings of both the classic and the modern Chinese literature, which involves the genres of poetry, drama, fiction, and short story. The class is directed mainly by lectures, with the emphasis on the analysis of the major aspects of literature such as theme, characterization, structure, etc. Through the exploration of Chinese literary masterpieces, this class hopes to provide a general comprehension of Chinese culture and society out of the trajectory of Chinese literature. The class language is taught in English.

Outline of Course

Week1 Class Orientation
Week2 The History of Chinese Literature
Week3 Shijing (Book of Songs)
Week4 Tang Poetry: High Tang Poetry
Week5 Tang Poetry: Middle Tang Poetry
Week6 Song Poetry: From Li-Yu to Su-shi
Week7 Song Poetry: The female poet, Li Ch'ing-chao
Week8 Chinese Classic Drama: Yuan Dynasty, Guan Han-qing, Snow in Midsummer (Injustice to Dou E)
Week9 Chinese Folklore: “Tale of the White Snake”
Week10 Chinese Folklore: “Tale of the White Snake” (Movie: White Snake)
Week11 Classic Fiction, Ming Dynasty: Journey to the West
Week12 Movie: The Monkey 2
Week13 *Group Presentations (1st half of the groups)
Week14 *Group Presentations (2nd half of the groups)
Week15 Review & Discussion
Week16 Final Exam
Week18 Tang Poetry: Movie: Legend of the Demon Cat
Week19 Modern Novel - Love in a Fallen City by Eileen Chang

Course Code: 3NG307701

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