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Regulation information of Social Practice Stories

  1. Organizer

Center for General Education, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology  

  1. Topic:

Share a story that stood out during your social practice experience. Please write down your learning process and reflections on this journey. 

  1. Eligibility:

Students of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (new graduates are welcome as well). Participants must hold an identity certificate issued by the Taiwan government, such as National Identification Card or an Alien Resident Permit

  1. Application:
  • Applicants are required to fill in and upload Appendix A: “Registration Form” and Appendix B: “Essay Form”.
  • Appendix A “Registration Form” has to be uploaded with your Student ID card and other identity documents, and the completed Publication and Copyright Authorization Agreement.
  • Please follow the format of Appendix B “Essay Form” when writing your story.

  1. Deadline for Submission:

Starting from now until 23:59 on September 8, 2023.

  1. Submission Procedures

Step One

Fill in the "Registration Form" and "Essay Form"   

Step Two

Convert to PDF file and rename the file as following:
student ID_name_appendix A, for example: BOOOOOOOO_HuangDaMing_appendix A, BOOOOOOOO_HuangDaMing_appendix B

Step Three

Click the link (https://forms.gle/P2k6r4oduqRTsFJ18), upload the files and submit the form. Print the file out  and send it to CGE office (IB-1215), then your registration will be effective.

Please fill in the attachments in accordance with the regulations. If relevant information is missing, you will be disqualified for submission without prior notification.

  1. Format
  • Word limitation for Chinese is 1000-1300 words, and the word limitation for English is 600-800 words.
  • For the detailed layout format, please refer to Appendix B “Essay Form”.
  1. Evaluation Criteria
  • Content (60%): quality of content, techniques of expression, precise description about class situation etc.
  • Writing style (30%):fluency, effective word choices, use of rhetorical devices etc.
  • Format (10%):follow the writing format, marks and abbreviations are appropriate in application etc.

  1. Awards and Prizes
  • First 100 submission rewards:

For the first 100 participants who submit the entries, they will receive vouches worth about NT$100 each.

  • Awards and prizes

【The First Prize】Shakespeare Masterpiece Award: NT$5,000 prize or the equivalent coupon and a certificate of award.

【The Second Prize】Write Like an Angel Award: NT$3,000 prize or the equivalent coupon and a certificate of award.

【The Third Prize】Writing Craftsman Award: NT$2,000 prize or the equivalent coupon and a certificate of award.

【Outstanding Prize】(20 entries): NT$800 prize or the equivalent coupon and a certificate of award.

【Superior Prize】(several entries):a certificate of award

  1. Further regulations
  • If the essay do not meet the award criteria, it will be disqualified.
  • The choice of courses  is limited to General Education Courses offered by NTUST (the course code is GE or the third code G).
  • Students must have taken the required general education course themselves. The semester has to be indicated and transcripts must be provided when submitting the entries.
  • Entries found to involve fraudulent use, forgery, plagiarism, or having been reported as winners in other competitions will be disqualified upon verification. In the event of an awarded prize, the organizer reserves the right to reclaim both the original award and any associated bonuses.
  • The intellectual property rights and copyright of the selected entries will be transferred to the organizer from the date of shortlist announcement. The organizer shall exercise the rights of reproduction, alteration, distribution, public display, publication and related rights in accordance with the Copyright Law without additional remuneration.
  • According to the tax law of the Republic of China, the annual tax return must be included in the individual income if the amount equals or exceeds NT$1,000.
  • For winners (individuals) who are non-resident of the Republic of China, 20% of the total income from contests and games and from prizes and awards won by chance will be deducted according to the law.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change, explain, modify or terminate the event.
  • By submitting an entry in the competition, the participants agree to abide by all the terms and conditions outlined in these regulations
  1. Contact person:

Contact Tel. No.: 02-2730-1099

E-MAIL: archiechen@mail.ntust.edu.tw

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