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1. Promoting General Education at Taiwan Tech 

  • We share resources and mutually recognize Liberal Studies courses offered by our partners of the National Taiwan University Alliance (i.e. NTUST, NTU, NTNU) 
  • We contribute and participate in a General Education Summer School, organized by the Taiwan Ministry of Education, which is offered to all university students in Taiwan during summer 
  • We promote general education activities or events within Taiwan Tech

2. Provide courses

  • We offer Liberal Studies courses in six areas A – F ranging from Humanities and Social Sciences to Natural Sciences and Technology  
  • We offer seminars in Academic Research Ethics (obligatory for graduate students)
  • We assist procedures of students’ cross-disciplinary practical projects 
  • We facilitate recognition procedures of overseas internship credits
  • We facilitate the recognition of credits for students’ social practice projects

3. Curriculum Planning 

  • The Center for General Education plans and reviews the curriculum for Liberal Studies courses, and defines the general policy and specific guidelines for Liberal Studies and other General Education courses by convening the Taiwan Tech General Education Committee each semester. 

4. Arts and Cultural Activities 

  • We promote arts and cultural activities within Taiwan Tech.