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GE Courses - Vote, Share, Win Prizes!


More than a featherweight – Our priceless General education Courses

Vote for Your Favourite Instructor, Share Your Experiences, Win Prizes!


"General education empowers us to perceive the world from diverse perspectives. By prompting self-reflection and questioning our goals, it will foster a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us "

Vice President J.C. Liu, Taiwan Tech

Join our "Share Your Experiences, Vote for Your Favourite Instructors" activities, aimed at promoting and invigorating the General Education Program at Taiwan Tech!

We believe that General Education courses have the potential to enrich students' academic experiences, and foster a profound sense of respect for others. To to showcase the unique strengths and features of the General Education courses offered at Taiwan Tech,  we have developed a communication platform that facilitates meaningful  interactions between students and instructors. 

You can share your experiences in two ways, by voting for your favourite instructor or by writing a story about General Education courses or your Social Practice experience. If you submit an essay on your learning experiences, you may win a prize of up to 5000 NTD!