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Academic Research Ethics


There are TWO ways (Choose ONE) to pass a Academic Research Ethics (ARE) Seminar
※Important!ARE seminars CANNOT be selected via the NTUST Course Selection System.

1. Take distant-learning courses offered by AREE (6 hours) 👈🏻 click
Visit the Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethics Education (AREE) website. Graduate students need to complete distance-learning courses, attend seminars and pass the final test to obtain the certificate (6 hours).

※Please fill in your student ID number as your account, and the last 5 digits of your student ID number as your password.


2. Take an ARE seminar at NTUST (3 hours) 👈🏻 click
Take an ARE course at NTUST and pass the exam to complete the seminar. Every semester, the schedule and topics of ARE seminars will be announced on the website. Please go to the website and click “Details” for further information about the session.

While ARE seminars are not credit-bearing courses, successful completion of an ARE seminar indicates that the student has fulfilled the requirements of the compulsory course "TC5001 Academic Research Ethics." Subsequently, the Center for Graduate Education (CGE) will forward the necessary details to the Office of Academic Affairs, where a "Pass" will be recorded in the "TC5001 Academic Research Ethics" column of your academic record.


  • If you take distant-learning courses offered by AREE, you can print out the online training certificate upon  completionof the seminar
  • If you take an ARE seminar at NTUST, no certificate will be issued.


Q1: Can I take the ARE seminar during second year of Master degree?

A: It is highly recommended to complete the seminar within the first year of your study. However, if you cannot take the seminar in the first year due to force majeure, it is possible to take the seminar during the second year of study. Please be reminded that you must complete the ARE seminar before applying for the oral degree examination.

Q2: I plan to apply for a Project Research Assistant position in a NSTC-funded project which requires  six hours of ARE training. How can I get a certificate? 

A: If you need an official certificate of ARE training hours, we recommend to take distant-learning courses offered by The Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethics Education (https://ethics-s.moe.edu.tw/login/s/). When completed, you can print out the training certificate online.

Q3: Will I receive a certificate after completing an ARE-seminar at NTUST?

A: No certificate will be issued when you successfully complete an ARE seminar at NTUST. The CGE will submit the information "Passed successfully" to the Office of Academic Affairs, and  the course "TC5001 Academic Research Ethics" will be marked as "Passed" in your  your academic record. 

Q4: Can I join an ARE seminar during a Leave of Absence period?

A:  During a Leave of Absence period (i.e. temporary withdrawal from your studies at NTUST), no grades will be awarded, including "Pass" -marks of ARE semminars  (cf. NTUST Academic Policies Article 34).