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Areas of Liberal Studies

Area A. Humanities
The aim is to explore the diversity of the humanities, gain insights into humanistic thinking, and engage in humanistic practices. Students will take part in discussions, explore different ways of thinking and value systems, and learn to analyse opinions expressed in texts and audio-visual materials. 

Area B. Contemporary society and industry

Making use of industrial research resources at Taiwan Tech, students are guided to grasp new developments in society and industry, gaining new perspectives for their own fields of expertise. 

Area C. Aesthetics and Life Exploration
Through literature and art, students will develop their imagination and creativity, and improve their aesthetic sense. Furthermore, these courses will help students to develop a deeper sense of their own lives, build self-identity, and form appropriate attitudes towards life. 

Area D. Society, History and Culture
These courses offer introductions to the basic methods of the social sciences, and will guide students to reflect on important social and cultural issues. By exploring history and traditions, they will recognize their subjectivity within their own cultural context and develop value-based thinking. 

Area E. Self, Group and Social System Development
In these courses, students will gain an understanding of the development of social systems, and cultivate knowledge and attitudes needed to participate in public affairs. Students will be guided to achieve harmonious group-self relationships, fulfil civic responsibility, and develop a sense of social justice. 

Area F. Nature and Life Science
These courses offer an introduction into principles of the natural sciences and their applications. Students will be guided to understand the relationship between life and the material world, to reflect on the interaction between scientific development and social culture, and to think about the relationship between science and humanities.