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Taiwan Tech places a strong emphasis on whole-person education. We value not only academic excellence, but also active participation in society and the cultivation of intercultural competence. In line with this vision, our institution's General Education program includes Chinese Language, English Language, Sports, and Liberal Studies and an obligatory Social Practice project. The Center for General Education (CGE)  plays a vital role in administering General Studies courses, with a particular focus on coordinating Liberal Studies coursesThe educational concept of the CGE is outlined in our South Side College which is committed to facilitating a learning process that actively engages both faculty and students with the local community.

pThroughout their four-year undergraduate studies, students are required to complete a minimum of 15 credits in Liberal Studies courses. Students can choose courses from a large variety of courses, offered not only by Taiwan Tech, but also by our partner universities of the NTU University Alliance, the National Taiwan University (NTU), and the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). 

The importance of Liberal Studies aligns with Taiwan Tech's 2030 development plan which outlines an educational vision of nurturing "π-shaped individuals."
We aim to cultivate technologically skilled individuals (Professional and Practical skills, the left leg of "π”), but also nurture Liberal Arts ("Liberal Arts Competency", the right leg of "π”) and foster intercultural understanding and communication (i.e. “Developing transnational communication skills”, the horizontal bar of "π” )




Main objectives of the CGE 

1. Promoting General Education at Taiwan Tech 

  • We promote general education activities or events within Taiwan Tech and exchanges with other institutions
  • We share resources and mutually recognize Liberal Studies courses offered by our partners of the National Taiwan University Alliance (i.e. NTUST, NTU, NTNU)
  • We contribute and participate in a Taiwan-wide General Education Summer School, organized by the Taiwan Ministry of Education
  • We conduct on-campus general education promotion activities or lectures

2. Providing courses and services

  • We offer Liberal Studies courses in six areas, ranging from Humanities and Social Sciences to Natural Sciences and Technology  
  • We offer seminars in Academic Research Ethics (obligatory for graduate students)
  • We facilitate students’ cross-disciplinary practical projects  (as required by some departments)
  • We facilitate recognition procedures of overseas internship credits
  • We administer students’ social practice projects which are mandatory for all undergraduate students.

3. Curriculum Planning 

We convene the Taiwan Tech General Education Committee each semester to plan and review the curriculum for Liberal Studies courses, and define the general policy and specific guidelines for Liberal Studies and other General Education courses

4. Arts and Cultural Activities 

Through the activities of the South Side College, we promote arts and cultural activities within Taiwan Tech, such as exhibitions, lectures, performances, workshops, and competitions

The Center for General Education Logo represents the Centre's  pivotal position within Taiwan Tech and its core mission of fostering active learning across a wide spectrum of subject areas.

The explanation of CGE Logo