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At Taiwan Tech, we place a strong emphasis on whole-person education, recognizing the importance of nurturing graduates who not only excel in their fields of study but also possess well-rounded personalities poised to thrive in a globalized, knowledge-based economy. In line with this vision, our institution's General Education programencompasses five divisions: Social Practice, Chinese Language, English Language,Sports, and Liberal Studies.

The Center for General Education plays a vital role in administering General Studies courses, with a particular focus on coordinating Liberal Studies courses, are an important feature of undergraduate education at Taiwan Tech. Throughout their four-year undergraduate studies, students are required to complete a minimum of 15 credits in Liberal Studies courses. Students can choose courses from a large variety of courses, offered not only by Taiwan Tech, but also by our partner universities of the NTU University Alliance, National Taiwan University (NTU), and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU).

Our logo represents the Center for General Education pivotal position within Taiwan Tech and its core mission of fostering active learning across a wide spectrum of subject areas.

The explanation of CGE Logo