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Liberal Studies courses are obligatory for local undergraduate students, but different requirements may apply for international students. International students should check with their departments if and how many credits in Liberal Studies and other general education courses they need to take.

Currently, most Liberal Studies courses are taught in Chinese, but each term several courses are taught in English, and the number keeps increasing. You can find an updated list of all English taught courses offered by three universities of NTU Alliance here

In the course catalogue, Liberal Studies courses have course codes starting with “GE” or with a “G” as the third letter. All Liberal Studies courses are credit-bearing (1 -3 credits), with the majority of courses bearing two credits. Liberal Studies courses are divided into six areas A – F, which cover a broad spectrum of academic disciplines as well as life skills education. 

A. Humanities

B. Contemporary civilization 

C. Aesthetics and life exploration 

D. Society and historical culture 

E. Self and System Development

F. Nature and Life Sciences 

Students of a four-year undergraduate program have to take at least 15 credits from four different areas, while students in two-year undergraduate programs are required to take six credits from different areas.