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English-taught Liberal Studies Courses

This is a list of English-taught Liberal Studies courses offered by the three universities of NTU Alliance (NTUST, NTU, and NTNU) in Spring semester 2023. For the most recent and accurate information, please consult the respective course catalogues.


School Area Title of course
NTUST A Information and Media Literacy
NTUST B Gender, Relationships and Personal Development
NTUST B Sustainable Development and Society II
NTUST B Generate Good Business Models in Post-pandemic World
NTUST B University Social Responsibility Advocacy: Self Media Practice and Content Development
NTUST B Law of Intellectual Property and Technology – Current Topics
NTUST C Social Psychology: Personal Growth in Human Relationship
NTUST D Leadership and Communication
NTUST D Study on Latin America and the Chinese in the Area
NTUST D Culture and Life in Taiwan's Traditional Society
NTUST D AI Chatbots and Cultural Exploration
NTUST D International Cultural Exchange Issues and Practices
NTUST D Development of Communication Technologies and Culture
NTUST F Introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine
NTNU A Masterpieces of Chinese Literature: Classic and Modern
NTNU C The Bible and Human Life
NTNU D Topics in Southeast Asian Culture and History
NTNU D Taiwan Popular Culture
NTNU F Introduction to Astronomy
NTNU F Life in the Universe and the Space Environments
NTU D Exploring Taiwan: Women and Taiwanese Society
NTU D Exploring Taiwan: Film and Social Culture in Taiwan
NTU D Politics and Sociability in European Enlightenment
NTU F Exploring Taiwan: natural environment and resources
NTU F Exploring Taiwan: Natural Resources Conservation and Management