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[B Area] Generate Good Business Models in Post-pandemic World

Course Objective

How we deliver value to target customers? In post-pandemic world, more and more business goes online and the pandemic just speeds up the digital transformation. Business model innovation allows a business to take advantage of changing customer demands and expectations. Innovation enables team to develop, prototype, and validate business models faster and with fewer resources by capturing customer feedback early and constantly.

Outline of Course

1. 目標客層:包括顧客獲取、顧客維繫、與顧客成長等
2. 產品價值:包括產品品質、用戶體驗、客製化產品、產品訂價等
3. 關鍵資源:包括人力資源、通路資源、智慧資源、設備資源等
4. 財務結構:包括營運資金、成本結構、定價策略、收入來源等

Course Code: TCG122301

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#GE Type: B

#NTUST General Education Course

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