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Guidelines on Handling Plagiarism

The Centre of General Education (CGE) has recently identified instances of plagiarism in student essays. Specifically, the content of lecture reflections was found to be nearly identical to existing resources, with overlaps ranging from 52% to 98%, without proper citation. 

The CGE considers such instances as deliberate plagiarism. Failing to cite or reference other people’s works and online articles constitutes serious academic misconduct. The purpose of writing essays is to reflect on the content of courses and lectures and to express your own opinions. The instructors at the CGE are interested in your personal thoughts, not in copied information or the opinions of others.

Starting with the spring term of 2024, the CGE will check all submissions for plagiarism, including content generated by AI language models. If content needs to be cited, the sources must be clearly marked, and the cited content must not exceed 20% of the total word count.

Participants in any of the CGE’s essay writing activities are expected to comply with these regulations.

If plagiarism is confirmed after verification, the following measures will be taken:

1. The plagiarized essay will be immediately removed.
2. No awards will be granted; if any rewards have been issued, they will be reclaimed in cash or other forms.
3. The student will be prohibited from participating in the CGE’s essay writing activities for one year.

The CGE strongly urges students to adhere to academic ethics, respect themselves and others,and maintain academic integrity.