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[D Area] Development of Communication Technologies and Culture

Course Objective

Students who successfully complete this Unit should be able to: 1. Identify the development of today’s media technologies and its impacts on society from a socio-historical perspective. 2. Demonstrate a critical understanding of key concepts between science, technology, and culture. 3. Evaluate individual cultural practices in relation to technologies and everyday life, formulate critical arguments 4. Apply a critical understanding with historical perspective to anticipate future shifts in science, technology and society.


Outline of Course

This course studies and explores the relationship between technology, culture and society. Students will learn key theories and different approaches, such as disruptive innovation, actor network theory, participatory culture and digital media society, etc. Students are expected to be able to apply and analyse these theories to understand current communication and screen technology developments (such as tablets, and smartphones) effectively. Also its relevance to the development of scientific and technological issues in the lives of modern people. ‧ Theoretical Frameworks for Understanding Science & Technology (I) & (II) ‧ Orality, Writing and the Influence of the Printing Press ‧ The Invention & History of Modern Computing ‧ Mobile Media & The Development of Cellular Telephony ‧ Photography, Art and Cinema ‧ Art and digital representation: immersive experience ‧ Digital technology and Internet: social media culture ‧ Broadcast & Convergence Culture ‧ Participatory Culture & Public Sphere ‧ Citizen Journalism & We Media ‧ Unchecked Algorithms and Coded Bias ‧ Does Technology “Evolve”? ‧ Post-Covid 19 the future of technology.

 Course Code: TCG133301

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