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[C Area] The Bible and Human Life (NTNU)

Course Objective

This class is a general introduction to the Bible and its significance to human living. Besides a brief survey of the contents of the Scriptures, this course emphasizes the biblical teaching about proper human living through reading, analyzing and studying various texts of narratives, moral teachings, philosophical arguments, biographical examples in the Bibles. In each class section, the students would be required to discuss certain questions related to the lesson lectured by the instructor. In the end of the semester, the students will be grouped in teams to make reports on the assigned topics of biblical figures, such as Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Paul, Peter' Ketc., sharing their findings about the meaning of life in their readings of the texts of the Bible.


Outline of Course

Week 1 The introduction of features and learning styles of this course

Week 2 Life education: The connotation of the Bible(The characters’ appreciation of the important persons on the Old Testament)

Week 3 Introduction to the Bible: The Contents, History, Poetry, Prophecy, and its philosophy thought

Week 4 Is the Bible Inspired? Is it believable? (The prophecies on the Old Testament and the fulfillment on the New Testament)

Week 5 Creation and Evolution: What was God's purpose in creating the universe and the human beings?

Week 6 Am I a Sinner? The fall of man and the redemption of Jehovah from the view of the Old Testament

Week 7 Who is the True God? The research from the Bible compares to the view by  the human beings

Week 8 The characters and identifications of the Old Testament compare to other religions

Week 9 Midterm Exam

Week 10 The characters of the New Testament- Who Is Jesus?

Week 11 The research and comparison of Jesus’ incarnation to other religions

Week 12 The research and comparison of Jesus’ resurrection to other religions

Week 13 The Poets and their poems—(1)(The Old Testament’s prophecy and fulfillment)

Week 14 The Poets and their poems—(2)(The Old Testament’s prophecy and fulfillment)

Week 15 Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life among the four Gospels

Week 16 Final Exam

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