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[D Area] Exploring Taiwan: Film and Social Culture in Taiwan (NTU)

Course Objective

Through this course we expect to understand the social development vis-a-vis cinema in Taiwan. We look closely at the emergence of Taiwan New Cinema in the 1980s as well as the socio-political and -cultural contexts in which it emerged. This course moves on to discuss various subject matters and social trends in Taiwan from the 1990s on; we also look at the films produced in Taiwan in relation to those matters and trends. 

Outline of Course

In this course we look closely at several Taiwanese films over the past two decades, and through them we intend to understand what prominent phenomena and changes have been taking place in Taiwan’s social culture. Some of the films speak to the current socio-political conditions on this island; some reflect an emerging cultural trend; some indicate social problems; yet some propose alternative approaches to history. In any case, those films present themselves as various attempts to make conversations with the world that we call Taiwan and live in. It is in this thread of thought that we learn to establish a connection between Taiwanese films and Taiwanese social trends/events through this course, so that film is more than entertainment or art, and social culture involves more than “reality”. This course is expected to help us understand and reflect on Taiwanese social culture by not just watching but also “reading” Taiwanese films.

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