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[D Area] Study on Latin America and the Chinese in the Area

Course Objective

Give basic knowledge about history, politics, economy, culture, international relations, and Chinese living in Latin America, so that students could get to know that area located so far away, but has close relations with Taiwan.

Outline of Course

1. Introduction
2. Age of Discovery
3. Ancient Civilizations: Maya, Azteca, Inca
4. Particularity of Its Geography
5. Brief History
6. Races and Population
7. Political and Economic Development
8. Education, Culture, Religion and Arts
9. Relations with Spain and Portugal
10. Relations with USA
11. Relations with China and Taiwan
12. Close Relations between Paraguay and Taiwan since 1957 (special relations with Taiwan Tech)
13. Encounter of cultures: Kingdoms of Spain, Portugal and Chinese Empire
14. Exodus of Chinese Labors (Coolie Trade)
15. Chinese “Immigration” in Latin America
16. Chinese in Central America and Caribbean Region
17. Chinese in South America
18. Conclusion

Course Code:TCG108301

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#GE Type: D

#NTUST General Education Course

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