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[A Area] Gender, Relationships and Personal Development

Course Objective

Science and technology development is the main driving force to promote the progress of human society. Nowadays, gender issues and gender politics in the development of science and technology have also received the attention of the international community. In this class, firstly, students will be aware of the phenomenon of gender imbalance in science education and its causes. Secondly, I am going to talk about the current development of gendered technology from perspectives of sociology, anthropology, economy, phenomenology and gender theories. Based on the development of the four industrial revolutions, this course examines the gendered phenomenon in the development of science and technology. It provides students with a more macro and in-depth analysis and cultivates future scientific and technological professionals with international vision and humanistic care. This course will be taught in English throughout. All assignments and exams must also be in English.

Outline of Course

Week 1 Introduction
Unit One: War and Gender
Week 2 The Industrial Revolution and the transformation of gender division
Week 3 Men’s World War and the Significance of Women’s Entry into the War Industry
Week 4 The third industrial revolution-automation, mass production, factories and gender division of labor

Unit Two: Gender Imbalance of STEAM
Week 5 Gender Imbalance of STEAM in Higher Education
Week 6 Gender segregation in the labor market

Unit Three: Industrial Revolution 4.0
Week 7 What is Industrial Revolution 4.0?
Week 8 Impacts and opportunities of artificial intelligence on the labor market
Week 9 Mid-term Test

Unit Four: Intersectional issues in artificial intelligence (gender, race, social class, privacy)
Week 10 Artificial intelligence replicates human prejudice-sexism
Week 11 Artificial intelligence replicates human prejudice-race
Week 12 Intersectional social disputes caused by the use of artificial intelligence to determine the distribution of social welfare
Week 13 Welcome to the panopticon surveillance for all era: Who is studying you?
Week 14 Issues of digital ID card: Who has the right to look up your life

Unit Five: The disappearing biological sexual boundary: Does society in scientific and technological texts still need gender as a classification?
Week 15 Perfect body shape and the anxiety of aging
Week 16 Social issues of surrogate motherhood
Week 17 Final Test
Week 18 Final Test

Course Code: TCG120301

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