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[F Area] Life in the Universe and the Space Environments (NTNU)

Course Objective

Searching for the life in the Universe and investigating the conditions about existence of the life in the Universe is one of the most fundamental and outstanding astronomical questions human can ask.  Those questions will not only broaden our knowledge about extraterrestrial world, but more importantly, our knowledge about ourselves.

Outline of Course

2.Life in the Solar System: Life in the Neighborhood
3.Astrobiology by Space Missions and Probes: Sending Robot Astronomers
4.Human Mission to Mars: Can we send people to Mars?
5.Search for Ingredients of Life
6.Exoplanets: Planets around other Suns
7.Technology of Space Travel (Let's go Interstellar space!)
8.Long Term Influence from Space Environments: Can human survive in the space?
9.Probability of Extraterrestrial Life in the Universe: Are really someone there?
10.Probing the edge of the solar system and sending message beyond
11.SETI: Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Course Code: 3NG304701

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#GE Type: F

#NTNU General Education Course

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