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[D Area] International Cultural Exchange Issues and Practices

Course Objective

This is a Project-Based Learning course that may require students to conduct field work off-campus and online. All that enrolled are strongly encouraged to participate in one of the project opportunities offered. Prerequisites: curiosity, positive attitude, and sense of responsibility. In an era when connecting the world means Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and/or Twitter, what does “international cultural exchange” really mean? In an interactive format, this course supports its students to think critically in a global-local context, as well as develop a sense of self in relation to others of different backgrounds. While numerous important issues exist in the discourse of international cultural exchange, this course focuses on topics concerning education, identity, and social impact. Please note that this is a highly hands-on course. Students are called to be independent learners and committed team players. Detailed information about the projects and assignments will be provided later in class at an appropriate time.

Outline of Course

第一、二週 課程大綱與課程介紹 第三週 Those Who Can, Teach教材(模擬教學 101、期望與行為準則) 第四、五週 助人行為 第六週 校慶 不上課 第七週 模擬教學演練 第八-十週 身份與社會群體心理 第十一週 模擬教學期中考 第十二週 進度檢核 第十三週 圓桌會議-主題待定 第十四-十六週 計畫會議(直播) 第十七週 學期總結與反饋 第十八週 期末報告

Course Code: TCG124301

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