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[D Area] Leadership and Communication

Course Objective

This course focuses on students' actual participation in class discussions. Students will observe and reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses in the field of communication and leadership in the learning process, and hence improve the involved skills. Therefore, in addition to participating in group discussions, keeping learning logs will be the main way to learn. The teacher will supplement relevant materials to help the students exercise their communication and leadership skill

Outline of Course

Leaders are not born. It's time to begin to build leadership and communication skills. Not only the social skills of family and peers, but also the skills of teamwork, vertical communication, parallel communication, conflict management, and the ability to do productive discussions and persuasive conclusions. Speaking in front of the public is another important skill leadership learners should learn to dominate.

Course Code: TCG080302

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#GE Type: D

#NTUST General Education Course

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