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[D Area] Culture and Life in Taiwan's Traditional Society

Course Objective

This course aims to introduce the culture and life of traditional Taiwanese society. Taiwan is an open island, with the characteristics of long-term immigrants in the early development process, and therefore has accumulated rich and diverse cultural traditions and customs. These customs and beliefs do not obviously exist in the official educational materials, but they continue to have a significant impact on people's daily lives.
This course will briefly introduce the development process and immigration structure of Taiwanese society, as well as the various beliefs and folk customs that accompany it. I hope it will help students better understand the culture of Taiwanese society and cultivate the tolerance that a pluralistic society should have.

Outline of Course

1. Introduction of the Course
2. Classification:Sacred and profane
3. Classification:he and I
4. Ethnic Relations in the History of Taiwan's Development
5. Ethnic Relations in the History of Taiwan's Development
6. Classified Arms Fight of Taiwan in the Qing Dynasty
7. Social unrest in Taiwan during the Qing Dynasty
8. Ancestor Worship and Rituals in Traditional Society
9. Introduction of Folk Beliefs in Taiwanese Society
10. Matsu beliefs and parades
11. Wang Ye's(王爺) Faith and Burning of the King's Boat
12. Qingshan Palace (青山宮) beliefs and parades
13. Chung Yuan Pudu(中元普度)
14. City God Belief (城隍信仰)
15. Xuantian God (玄天上帝)Belief
16. The belief of the God of Land (土地公)
17. Folk Beliefs and Daily Life
18. Final Exam

Course Code: TCG115301

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#NTUST General Education Course

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