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[F Area] Exploring Taiwan: Natural Resources Conservation and Management (NTU)

Course Objective

It will give international students a wide range of background knowledge, increasing their understanding of Taiwan and enabling them to take advanced courses lectured in Chinese or partake in research in the future. 

Outline of Course

International student is an important group in National Taiwan University. To fulfill the needs of international students of English courses, the College of Bio-resources and Agriculture opens a course “Exploring Taiwan – Natural Resources Conservation & Management”, which is taught in English. The instructors of this course are elites of Taiwan in their fields, including atmospheric science, environment science, physical and social geography. They will help students to learn more about the beautiful nature of Taiwan. Besides the lectures, students could also learn deeply through the 2 various field trips. 

Course Code: 3TG065301

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#GE Type: F

#NTU General Education Course

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