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[F Area] Introduction to Astronomy (NTNU)

Course Objective

This course covers a wide range of topics on everyday astronomy in our life as well as the latest discoveries and understanding of the universe, including features in the night sky, navigation and timekeeping by astronomical methods, basic observation techniques, nature and evolution of planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe as a whole, and finally searching for habitable zones and life in the universe.

Outline of Course

Astronomy is an ancient science that crosses all borders and all cultures. The evolution of astronomy is taking its sources from a cultural and historical knowledge from the past in the form  of, such as,  calendar, astrology, and religion.  Astronomy is, however, also in the world of today; one of the fastest growing topics of research. Discoveries in astronomy make regularly the front page of the scientific newspapers. It is because, observing the sky through telescopes and our quest for the truth of the Universe can shed light on our understanding of astrophysics but also bring answers to the most fundamental questions: what are the origin of life and the Universe. Modern astronomy is a fascinating gateway for people to access modern science in general.

This course will provide students a general understanding of modern astronomy and will introduce them to the most recent scientific developments. This course will help students to appreciate the importance of  the modern science and its application to the daily life and to the entire Universe.

 Course Code: 3NG299701

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