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[D Area] Topics in Southeast Asian Culture and History (NTNU)

Course Objective

This course aims to introduce students to three selected topics in modern Southeast Asian history and culture, from late 19th century to early 21st century. Through weekly discussions, students are challenged to reexamine the cultural and historical contexts of these topics. Students will also need to critique and reflect on the topics discussed, formulating personal insights on the topics at hand. While prior knowledge in Southeast Asian history and culture is not required, some background knowledge will be helpful. By the end of the course, students should possess not only a general understanding of the complex nature of these historical events but also the ability to think critically regarding history and culture. 

The course will be conducted entirely in English. Students will be required to participate in classroom discussions in English. The course will also involve extensive reading of academic papers/works, and writing of academic reports. 

Outline of Course

Week 1. Introduction
Week 2. Syllabus and Grading
Week 3. 1898 The Philippines
Week 4. 1898 The Philippines
Week 5. 1898 The Philippines
Week 6. 1898 The Philippines
Week 7. 1965 Singapore / Malaysia
Week 8. 1965 Singapore / Malaysia
Week 9. 1965 Singapore / Malaysia
Week 10. 1965 Singapore / Malaysia
Week 11. Editorial Writing
Week 12. 1999 Indonesia & Timor Leste 
Week 13. 1999 Indonesia & Timor Leste
Week 14. 1999 Indonesia & Timor Leste
Week 15. 1999 Indonesia & Timor Leste
Week 16. Conclusion

Course Code: 3NG314701

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