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[C Area] Social Psychology: Personal Growth in Human Relationship

Course Objective

The developmental, social, and positive psychology of intimacy and psychology is a combination of science and philosophy. Through abundant research, we can learn more about our interactions with lovers, families, and society, as well as the various stages of mutual attraction, passionate love, breakups, families, marriages, and parenting, from our past to the future so that we can better understand ourselves and our self-growth, and be more capable of building happy relationships and gender relations.

Outline of Course

Research in Psychology and Family and Human Relationships Developmental Psychology Social Psychology -Personality and Psychological Testing -Interpersonal Relationship -Intimate Relationship -Positive Psychology Motivation (Hunger, Sex)and emotion (emotion regulation and stress management) Psychological Disorders and Prevention (Abnormal Psychology)

Course Code: TCG105301

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#GE Type: C

#NTUST General Education Course

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