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[A Area] Information and Media Literacy

Course Objective

Students who successfully complete this Unit should be able to: • evaluate, understand, explain, ask questions, read, find relevant information, and correctly cite sources and sources • demonstrate a critical understanding of the content of information found and share what has been learned appropriately and responsibly • identity the visual message and the truth behind the image--visual literacy. • understand semiotics--the meaning behind media messages.

Outline of Course

Information Literacy is the skill set needed to locate and recognise quality information resources to help students utilise the information in a responsible and effective way. Students should be able to convey this information to others in a way that is appropriate and able to generalise this information in everyday life. Media Literacy is a way of thinking about the media; a way of deconstructing and understanding media messages to gain more control over them. In this course, we'll be analysing media contents in several different medium, such as photographs, newspaper articles, advertisements, tv shows, movies, new media, public relations, fake news and digital literacy--and developing an understanding of how this media content influences us in everyday life, social development and political economic changes. ‧ What is Information Literacy? ‧ Resource literacy- ability to understand the format, location and access methods of information resources ‧ Social-structural literacy - understanding the scholarly publishing process ‧ Research literacy - understand and use information technology tools to carry our research ‧ Publishing literacy - The ability to produce a text or multimedia report of the results of research ‧ Defining the Media, Media Studies, and what is media literacy? ‧ Current media environment and practice ‧ Digital technologies & adverting ‧ Understanding of media messages & Fake News ‧ New media and user-generated content (UGC)

Course Code: TCG126301

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