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Regulations for Essays on GE courses

  1. Organizer

Center for General Education, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

  1. Topic:

Share your reflection and opinion on the General Education Courses that you have been taken in the last academic year. Please write down what you have actually learned from that class.

  1. Eligibility:

Current Students of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and graduates of the current academic year. Participants must hold an identity certificate issued by Taiwan government, such as a National Identification Card, Passport or Alien Resident Permit

  1. Overview: Registration and Submission  

    Deadline:                                      2 September 2024, 23:59

    Required Documents

    Appendix 1
    Registration Form (link below) 

    Appendix 2
    Essay (use foirm, link below)

    Appendix 3

    Submission method

    Submit hard-copy of 

    Registration Form (signed)

    to CGE office

    Upload your essay and  transcript to the platform (link below)

    Submission Procedures 

Step One

Write your essay using this form (WORD): Appendix_2_Essay_Form_GE_Courses

Step Two

Save your essay as WORD and PDF file and name the files as follows:
"GE Courses_ID number_Name_Appendix 2_Essay Form" [
Example: "GE Courses_B12345678_Micky Smith_Appendix 2_Essay Form"]

Step Three

Fill in the registration form: Appendix 1_Registration Form_GE Courses
Click the link, upload the files. Print the registration form, sign it, and bring it to the CGE office (Yi Yang- Building (IA) Room 505-1) 

N.B.: We can only accept submissions that adhere to the regulations. Files that do not comply will be rejected, and you will be disqualified from the competition without prior notification.

  1. Format
  • Word limitation for English: 1300-2000 words.
  • For the layout, please refer to the "Essay Form”.

  1. Evaluation Criteria

  • Content (60%): quality of content, techniques of expression, precise description about class situation etc.
  • Writing style (30%): fluency, effective word choices, use of rhetorical devices etc.
  • Format (10%): writing format, appropriate marks, abbreviations etc.

  1. Awards and Prizes

The first 50 participants who submit entries, will receive NT$100 vouchers ! 

  • The First Prize:      One NTD 5,000 Voucher and a Certificate of Award
  • The Second Prize: One NTD 3,000 Voucher and a Certificate of Award
  • The Third Prize:     One NTD 2,000 Voucher and a Certificate of Award
  • Outstanding Prize: Twenty NTD 500 Voucher and a Certificate of Award
  • Excellence  Prize:  Certificates of Award 

  1. Further Regulations
  • Essays that do not meet the above regulations will be disqualified.
  • Essays have to be about GE courses offered by Taiwan Tech (the course code is GE or the third digit of the course code  is G). Essays about courses offered by NTU or NTNU will not be accepted.
  • Students must have completed the GE course in person, as evidenced by a transcript, which needs to be submitted..
  • Selected entries found to involve fraudulent use, forgery, plagiarism, or winning other competitions will be disqualified upon verification. If an award has already been received, the organizer reserves the right to reclaim the original award and bonus..
  • The intellectual property rights and copyright of the selected entries will be transferred to the organizer from the date of the shortlist announcement. The organizer shall exercise the rights of reproduction, alteration, distribution, public display, publication and related rights in accordance with the Copyright Law without additional remuneration.
  • Winners may be required to pay taxes on income from contests, games, prizes, and awards in accordance with Republic of China tax laws. 
  • The organizer reserves the right to change, modify or terminate the event.
  • By submitting an entry in the competition, the participants agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions of the document.

  1. Contact person

Contact Tel. No.: 02-2730-1148

E-MAIL: yijie@mail.ntust.edu.tw


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