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Director Sy-ying Lee Professor

  • University of Southern California PhD 
  • Pennsylvania State University Master
  • Dean of the Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Taiwan Tech
  • Professor of Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Taiwan Tech 
  • Director of the North District English Teaching Resource Center, Ministry of Education
  • Professor and Head of Department of Applied Foreign Languages, National Taipei University
  • Associate Professor of the Common Course English Group, School of Law and Business, National Chung Hsing University
  • Lecturer, Associate Professor and Convenor of Common Subject English, National Taiwan Ocean University
Research Interests & Teaching
  • Multimodal Multiliteracies
  • Second Language Acquisition 
  • Extensive Reading and Language Acquisition
  • Teaching English Reading and Writing 
  • Children’s Literature and TEFL
Undergraduate Courses
  • Multiliteracies: Problem-based English Reading and Writing
  • Office:T4-819
  • E-Mail:syying.lee@mail.ntust.edu.tw
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