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湯梓辰老師 (Joni Tzuchen Tang)



TCG107301、TCG107302-數位編輯設計與實務 Electronic Editing Design and Practice

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課程強調「人文與資訊整合應用」,在方法上提出「問題導向的編輯」,先理解觀摩電子刊物的特色,進而分析理解不同電子刊物的特色,於電腦教室中體驗不同之電子刊物軟體,並在學習行動上分組產出「實作成果」,培養電腦資訊實務中整合及應用能力,協助各領域將知識數位化,如: 製作資訊傳播、網路媒體、電子商務、行政管理、行銷設計、數位電子書等工作。







Electronic Editing Design and Practice
This course enhances the eThe course emphasizes "integration and application of humanities and information", and proposes "problem-oriented editing" in terms of methods. First, understand and observe the characteristics of electronic publications, and then analyze and understand the characteristics of different electronic publications. In learning activities, group production of "practice results", cultivate the ability to integrate and apply computer information in practice, and assist in the digitization of knowledge in various fields, such as: production information dissemination, online media, e-commerce, administrative management, marketing design, Digital e-books, etc.

*The course has won the "Digital Teaching Award" in the first and second semesters of 2010, and the "Digital Teaching Award (Course Grinder)" in the first semester of 2011xperience and learning of artistic aesthetics, enhances aesthetics and artistic appreciation ability, applies artistic aesthetics to life and cares for various aspects of life.

Movies and Gender Issues
The course aims to recognize and discuss different gender issues through the viewing and discussion of films. The course is carried out by the teacher giving a brief explanation, and then watching the film in a focused manner to understand the plot and connotation of the film; secondly, group discussions are held on the designed problems, and each group will make an oral or written report; Expand the focus of the discussion to related gender issues. The course content includes topics such as male and female workplace stereotypes, male and female self-awareness and reflection, male and female self-fulfillment and dreams, etc., so that students can enjoy the multi-level interest in watching movies, and can deeply think about various gender issues and enhance students' humanities and society. broad field of view. This course cultivates students' ethical thinking, caring and enthusiastic literacy, communication service, and multi-integration ability.





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