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洪秀錦老師 (Hsiu-Chin Hung)


TCG075302- 媒體與社會 Media and Society
TCG126302- 資訊素養與媒體識讀 Information and Media Literacy


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師生關係是一個動態的、開放的過程。換句話說,良好的教學和學習體驗是基於師生互動的共同努力。 作為一名媒體和文化研究的老師,我的目標是教授學生能夠在個人的、文化的和社會的不同面向下瞭解並分析媒體角色、科技網絡發展和人文社會觀點的課程。鼓勵學生發展批判性分析技能,以了解媒體敘事、意象、隱喻和各種媒體語言。   The relationship between teacher and students is a dynamic and open process. In other words, good teaching and learning experience is a mutual effort based on engagement between teacher and students. As a Media and Cultural Studies teacher, my objective is to teach courses that illuminate networks and perspectives on many levels: personal, cultural and social. I encourage students to develop analytical skills to decipher media narratives, imagery, metaphor and the diverse languages of media speak.


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