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吳榮梅老師 (Jung-Mei Wou)


ADG019301- 影像美學 Introduction to Visual Aesthetics


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課程啟發學生對影像語言的理解與表達,透過創作感受美的力量。藝術是自我發現與世界對話的旅程,表達自我、豐富思考,共同感受生命的豐富與意義。   The course aims to inspire students to comprehend and express themselves through the language of visuals, experiencing the power of beauty through creative expression. Art is a journey of self-discovery and communication with the world, allowing individuals to express themselves, enrich their thinking, and collectively embrace the richness and significance of life.




111-2影像美學線上展覽(策展人:台大 歐庭維同學):https://www.artsteps.com/view/646029e85ea29fcdb432cbef/


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