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楊永慈老師 (Yong Cih Yang)



TCG130301 - 歐盟、全球化-跨域在地思考永續發展目標 EU, Globalization - SDGs across domains and localities


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歐盟是什麼?全球化是什麼?要如何跨域在地思考SDGs呢? 本堂課透過從「工程、自然、生科與人文」四領域案例分析與討論,逐步培養學生獨立思考能力並透過同儕討論各項議題進一步連結歐盟與自身生活/在地化之腦力激盪,讓創意、專業與生活在課室內做連結進而在課室外進化為行動。在合作學習過程中,增進學生社交互動(social interaction)、資源分享(resource sharing)與知識建構(knowledge construction)。本堂課欲拓展學生國際視野外,期許每位學生像一隻螢火蟲揮動微小的永續翅膀,推動臺灣/全球這片美好土地的各項進展。




  What is the EU? What is globalization? How can we incorporate cross-domain and local perspectives when considering the SDGs? This course aims to cultivate students' independent thinking skills through case analysis and discussions from the fields of engineering, nature, biology and humanities. By engaging in peer discussions, we seek to foster connections between the EU and students' own lives and local contexts, stimulating creativity, professionalism, and application within and beyond the classroom. Throughout the collaborative learning process, we enhance social interaction, resource sharing, and knowledge construction among students. By expanding students' international perspectives, this course hopes to empower each student to become like a firefly, spreading the sustainable wings of progress in Taiwan and the world.

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