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賴維新老師 (Eddie Lai)


Generate Good Business Models in Post-pandemic World


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科技與創新重塑了人類的生活與工作型態,也改變了公司運營的模式。本課程著重帶領同學掌握建構優質商業模式的技巧與實務,理解組織創造價值、與提昇獲利的能力。課程目的在於啟發同學,商業模式運作的關鍵在於不斷被更新與調整,與真實的世界一樣:常保動態。   Technology and innovation have revolutionized our lifestyle. In post-pandemic world, more and more businesses are online and the pandemic just speeds up the digital transformation. Business model innovation allows a business to take advantage of changing customer demands and expectations. Innovation enables team to develop, prototype, and validate business models faster and with fewer resources by capturing customer feedback early and constantly.


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