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王瑩老師 (Wannie Wang)


TCG111301 - 國際文化交流實務  International Cultural Exchange Issues and Practices

TCG124301 - 社會實踐倡議:自媒體實作養成 University Social Responsibility Advocacy: Self Media Practice and Content Development


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通識超有戲!文化議題型、與社會實踐型的通識課程,就像專業科目的暖暖包,讓知識有了溫度、給技能賦予情感。護國神山張董也「投通識教育一票」,你呢?   General Education, or better known as liberal education, is about human experiences and storytelling. Knowledge and skills make you relevant and get you hired. But it is liberal education that makes you interesting and sets your mind free (because it “liberates”). Steve Jobs attributes the success of technology to arts and humanities, describing it as a “marriage” that yields joy. Let’s vote for joy!



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