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胡家紋老師 (Jia-Wen Hu)


ATG001301- 永續發展概論 Guides to the Sustainable Development Goals


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永續發展概論,每週介紹一項聯合國永續發展目標,讓你全面了解SDG 17項主軸精神,並以完全線上的方式,將高品質的數位磨課與偏鄉高中職共享,透過多師共備與混齡共修,共同推展將SDG落實於生活。


  Introduction to Sustainable Development, One week one goal allows you to fully understand the spirit of the 17 main axes of the SDGs. We shared high-quality SPOCs with rural high school and promote the implementation of the SDGs in life through multi-teacher preparation and mixed-age training.



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